Secrets of Doing Yoga in the Morning

Yoga in the Morning


Secrets of Doing Yoga in the Morning


Being an inexperienced or an advanced user of yoga, everyone must start the day by doing yoga in the morning. If you are inexperienced and want to start the day through the yogic way, then you must practice yoga each morning as a routine.

Before you start doing yoga you first need to know, how you could gain all the benefits of yoga or, where to start, or what do I do now?

Actually, yoga has various aspects as far as therapeutic uses are concerned.

However, you should put all the therapeutic benefits of yoga to the dustbin for now and answer yourself,

Where to start?

Let me confess one thing about yoga to you, most of the diseases get cured by doing routine yoga in the morning daily.

Why should I exercise yoga according to a routine daily? Especially, in the morning…

It’s because to cure most of the diseases you must remove impurities from your body. That will be done if you practice some somewhat special yoga exercises daily in the morning.


Please follow the step-by-step process of daily morning yoga exercises below.

Yoga in the morning:

Wake up very early in the morning. If possible, please wake up at 5:00 a.m. I hugely recommend it.

Clean your face, eyes and brush teeth, etc.

Now take a glass of warm water and add lemon and very little salt into it and drink it.

Now do not waste any more time, and you should start doing yoga. The first yoga postures is Viparitkarani Mudra.

ViparitKarani Mudra: Lie down on a soft mat on the ground with the legs stretched out, here in this position the inside your legs will be touching each other and your hands will be lying by the side of the thighs. Bend your hands in the elbow and place your palms on the hips. Lift your legs up and raise your hips with the support of your hands upward and breathe in deeply. Hold this position for 6-8 seconds and breathe out slowly. Drop your hips first, then followed by your legs. Breathe normally. Practice this Yoga posture four times.

Shalbhasana: Lie down on your stomach. Your legs are stretched and the hands are lying by the side of the respective thighs. Breathe in and raise your legs together upward up to the thigh without bending your legs in the knees. Hold your breath there for eight seconds and then slowly drop your legs on the ground. Breathe out slowly. You can do it with a single leg to start with if you find it a bit difficult at the beginning. Practice this Yoga posture four times.

Padahstasana: You are done with all the lying postures in the morning. Now move on and stand up straight. In this pose, your heels are touching each other. Breathe in and raise both your hands upward above your head by the side of your ears while palms are facing outward. Slowly breathe out and lower down your body by bending in the waist forward. Place your palms on the ground by the side of your respective feet. Do not bend your knees here in this position at all. Try to place your head between your knees. Hold your breath out there and remain in this position for 8-10 seconds, then return slowly to the starting position and breathe normally. This yoga posture you should practice four times.

By the time you finish these postures, I am sure you will definitely feel some pressure in your stomach and clear your bowels.

You are fresh like never before, now.

You are finished with postures and now move onto the Mudra section and master Agnisara Dhauti.

Agni Sara Dhauti: This is very easy to practice, but a bit difficult to follow properly. However, I will explain it to you without hiding anything behind it. First, sit down in Siddhasana posture with the spine erect. Look straight ahead. Now deep breath in slowly and squeeze your lower part of the abdomen and navel region upward. Try to touch your spine. Hold this position for six seconds and breathe out slowly as well as return to the starting position. Practice this cleansing process at least 10 times. It is hugely effective to remove all the impurities from your stomach as well as your body. It is guaranteed.

Now move onto Pranayama section and master Bhraman Pranayama.

Bhraman Pranayama: This is a very easy-to-follow Pranayama, but needs to master some technique to practice this. This time you will start the morning walk, but not the traditional morning walk you are going to perform this time. You will do the morning walk in Yoga style. Inhale and count one and place the first step forward. Inhale and count two and place the second step forward. Keep doing this up to four counts.

This is like, inhale 1-step 1, inhale 2-step 2, inhale 3-step 3, and inhale 4-step 4. Walk step-by-step with inhalation in every step. Now do the exact opposite of the inhalation. Breathe out and count one and place your first step forward, then breathe out and count two and place your second step forward. Keep doing this up to four counts. After two to three days, you will walk in rhythm with Yogic Pranayama. Practice this Pranayama for six to seven minutes.

Then you can devote some more time after one month of practicing these exact steps detailed above by tweaking your Yogic routine with some new kind of Yoga Posture’s entries.

The process is the same, but you can get a huge benefit by practicing Sun Salutation just before the Viparitkarani Mudra. These twelve postures of Sun Salutation will make you prepare to perform any Yoga Asanas in the future as well as this is the only Yogic workout, which has the capabilities of removing every single blockage from your entire body system. I highly recommend you to practice Sun Salutation.

You can also add two Pranayama just after Agnisara Dhauti as Kapalbhati Pranayama and Anulom-Vilom Pranayama.

Then follow the routine yogic road map discussed above.

If you practice these postures and related Mudras and Pranayamas, I am sure you will get guaranteed success in terms of getting your perfect health in no time.

This whole process is also called Sahaja Basti Kriya.

So, start from today…

So, there you have the secrets of doing yoga in the morning.

Feed your Body, Mind, and Soul the required yogic protein to fight all the diseases naturally.

Hope this helps at least one person.



Source by Manidip Chakrabarty