How To Lose 02 Pounds a Week With Exercise

How to lose 02 pounds a week

How to lose 02 pounds a week

Losing weight is the latest issue that many of us face right now. People try various ways to lose weight using different methods. Are they effective and your health? This is the thing we all must focus on. We all must try to set targets in order to achieve something. Then these targets will drive us towards success. We will now provide you the best ways of how to lose 02 pounds a week in detail. We need to burn more than 500-1000 calories consumed daily to lose 02 pounds a week. Overall you need to cut down your calorie intake by 7000 or burn that amount throughout the week.

How to lose 02 pounds a week

Is it realistic to lose 02 pounds a week?

You need to burn the required amount of calories to lose 02 pounds a week. So, you need to follow some tips and activities to achieve your target. We will provide you some of the best tips that you follow to lose weight. So, if you work and hard and concentrate on your goal of losing 02 pounds a week, it will be realistic and manageable.


  1. Try to fast once or twice per week – This is one of the best ways to lose weight. Here, you need to pick one or two meals for fasting. It is essential to choose this wisely. You should have a clear understanding of your schedule when deciding this. So, try to fast when at times when you are not overloaded with work and other stuff.


  1. Have more proteins and fiber – Try to figure out what we try to say here correctly. We are not asking you to have more food items with proteins and fiber in addition to your daily diet. We need you to substitute your daily diet with more proteins and fiber.

How to lose 02 pounds a week

03.Walk 10,000 steps daily – This will be an excellent thing for you to add to your daily routine in losing weight. This will burn around 500 calories. So, you do not need to reduce all calorie amount from your diet using this strategy.


  1. Intense workout – “Weight lifting” is the main thing that comes to mind when we talk about weight lifting. But, this does not burn that many calories as we expect. An intense weight lifting session will burn about 270 calories. “What can we do then:? Here are some of the activities that you can do during the workout to get better.
  • Push-ups
  • Barbell rows
  • Jumps 


How many calories should I eat to lose 02 pounds a week?

Let us solve and look at this like this. There are 3500 calories in a pound. So, it is 7000 calories for 02 pounds. This means; basically, you need to cut down or burn 7000 calories in a week to lose 02 pounds. The amount of calorie intake for men and women will be somewhat different. Therefore, we will provide you a limit for each day.

  • For men – 1900kcal a day.
  • For women – 1400kcal a day.

How to lose 02 pounds a week

How long should I workout to lose 02 pounds a week?

An intense workout can help you to lose 02 pounds a week. However, we cannot assure you of the exact time of workout as it can be different from one to another due to various reasons. We will provide you a general workout timing schedule that will suit you to achieve your target.

  • 150 minutes of the moderate-intensity aerobic session
  • 75 minutes of strong- intensity aerobic session

Now we will look at the moderate and strong types of workouts;

Moderate – Activities that make your heart rate and breathing somewhat faster

E.g., walking actively for 15 minutes, biking 

Strong – Activities that make your heart rate increase and breathing heavy

E.g., swimming, jogging, skipping rope jumping.

 How To Lose 02 Pounds A Week


How many calories should a woman eat a day to lose 02 pounds a week?

A woman at the age of 26-50 needs to eat around 2000 calories a day to maintain weight. A woman in that age category needs to eat about 1400 calories a day to lose 02 pounds a week. This calculation and calorie intake will vary for women over 50 years as there can be certain diseases and limitations. On the other hand, this is not applicable to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well.


Bottom line

We have provided you some essential tips to lose weight by 02 pounds a week. “How to lose 02 pounds a week”? the issue will not be there for more hereafter. We also recommend you take an opinion from your medical consultant before you practice the same for your safety. Above all, all these are proven ways to lose weight and recommended by many worldwide.