Free 7-day Keto Meal Plan & Shopping List

Free 7-day Keto Meal Plan & Shopping List

Starting on a Keto Diet can be quite difficult.

Whether you just started keto or if you are a seasoned low-carber going back to eating keto, this simple, easy 7-day Keto Meal Plan will give you the best possible start!

Free Keto Meal Plan

What is a Keto Meal Plan?

A meal plan is a simple list of recipes for each of the meals of a week. On a keto diet, meal plans are essential because we are trying to reduce the amount of carbs we eat per day.

A typical keto diet suggests eating between 5% and 10% net carbs per day.  Calculating these values can be daunting and this deters many from giving keto a go.

So to make things as easy as possible, my free 7-day keto meal plan below gives you:

  • 7 days of yummy recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Full nutrition calculation (per indicated servings) with Calories, Net Carbs, Fat, Protein.
  • A detailed shopping list

Because you know in advance what you are going to eat, it’s easy to meal-prep a few days or the whole week!

No more stress, no more late-night cooking!

Why is this free meal plan good?

To make a meal plan the best it can be, it’s important that it not only keeps the carbs low.

Are you new to Keto?

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So my 7-day keto plan also full of simple, in-season recipes that are easy to follow, use only wholesome, simple ingredients.

It is also meal-prep friendly, so you can cook all the dinners in one day!

Some of the recipes make several servings, so are good either for the whole family or they allow you to continue on the plan beyond the 7 days!

Plus, if you want to customize this plan, you can join Sweetashoney Members (it’s FREE) and add, remove, change the portions, etc.

Keto Meal Plan

How can I customize the meal plan?

Not a problem, if you want to swap go and find what you prefer on Sweetashoney!

Browse my keto breakfast, keto meals for inspiration. If you want to change recipes and have the net carbs calculated with your edits, join Members for free!

How do I get the grocery list?

It’s very simple, just click on Shopping List at the bottom  of the Meal Plan!

It will allow you to print an easy-to-use shopping list!

What if I want more than 7 days?

I have two awesome options for you!

Get one of my popular 14-day Keto Meal Plans!

I have several very detailed 14-day Keto Meal Plans for sale!


These Meal Plans go even beyond what you can find below:

  • Very detailed Meal Prep Instructions
  • 17g of net carbs per day on average
  • Intermittent Fasting or Beginner options
  • Keto Guidance and Help
  • Printable Plan, Instruction, Shopping List, etc.

Subscribe to Sweetashoney Members

Sweetashoney Members is my members-only area that gives you a complete Keto Toolbox. For Free!


When you subscribe, you can:

  • Create your own meal plan (from scratch, from this one below, or from one of my free ones).
  • Calculate your Macros.
  • Have your Macros displayed on all the recipe cards of this site.
  • Earn points to save on your next purchase.
  • Track your weight and celebrate your successes!

And best of all, Sweetashoney Members is 100% Free, forever!

Free 7-day Keto Meal Plan


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