10 Easy Muscle Building Tips

Muscle building

Easy Muscle Building Tips For Women

 Bring the muscles!  Instead of struggling for hours on the cross trainer, more and more women discover the free weight area for themselves.  Good thing because building muscle pays off in many ways.

Fitness Tips For Women

Fitness Tips For Women – Fitness Couple Goals


 Don’t be afraid of mountains of muscles

Instead of size zero, a well-trained, athletic body is now the dream of many women.  What keeps many from lifting the dumbbells?  The fear that one could mutate into a muscleman within a short time.  However, the concern is completely unfounded because the genes thwart our plans.  Compared to men, women have too little testosterone and too much estrogen in their blood to build up excessive muscle mass.  So the chance of becoming a bodybuilder overnight tends to be zero.


 Muscles Burn More Calories Even When They Are Resting

Muscles make you lean because the more muscle mass, the more energy (i.e., calories) the body burns – even when the body is resting by building muscle. These basal metabolic rate increases mean that you can eat more without gaining weight.  Those who struggle for hours on the cross trainer or treadmill also burn calories, but not as sustainably as strength training, which ensures that our muscles continue to burn calories – even if we have long been lazy on the sofa after the last exercise.


Strength Training Is Significant Figure Training

Jogging or cycling burns calories and helps you lose weight, no question about it.  But if you want to define and tone your body, you won’t get very far and should instead rely on strength training that effectively shapes the body.  Individual parts of the body can be specifically trained and defined.  At the same time, well-trained muscles activate metabolism and maintain performance throughout the day.


 Building Muscle Can Prevent Pain

Your health also benefits from strength training because strong muscles prevent tension and pain.  Back pain doesn’t stand a chance, and posture also improves.  You automatically walk more upright.


 Effective Antiaging & Reduce Cellulite

Weight training is the best antiaging agent and can also relieve cellulite.  Because when a firm muscle forms under the skin, it smooths the skin structure.  Plus: the more muscles you build, the more body fat is burned, which also helps against unsightly dents.

What does muscle building

What does training look like?

Muscle building


you are eager to get started with muscle building training. In that case, you have several options: You can do strength training with your bodyweight comfortably at home, while fitness studios are ideal for training on machines or with free weights.  Regardless of which way you choose, you must leave your comfort zone during training and go to your performance limits because muscle building requires muscle stimuli beyond the usual performance level.

How Often Should you Train?

When building muscle, only regular training leads to the goal, and if you want to see success, you have to stick with it: it should be at least two, better three strength training units per week.  Beginners are best started with full-body workouts.  Those who train four times a week can also do two legs and two upper body workouts.  Important: The stressed muscles should regenerate for at least two days between the individual training days.


The Best Exercises For Building Muscle

If you want to start with a full-body workout, you should put the exercises together in a training plan so that both the upper body and legs are challenged.  For beginners, it is recommended to use necessary activities when building muscle.  They are particularly useful as they challenge large muscle groups:


Legs / buttocks: squats

Back: Deadlifts

Arms / Chest: Bench Press

Belly / Core: Plank

Arms: barbell curls

Back / biceps: pull-ups

Chest / shoulder / triceps: push-ups

Triceps: dips

You can find even more exercises for building muscles with pictures and instructions in the gallery:


The Best Exercises For Building Muscle

Bodyweight exercises that do not require any additional equipment are ideal for training at home without weights.  These include, for example, squats, plank and side plank, lunges, push-ups, or mountain climbers (which are also excellent exercises for intensive HIIT training).  In the video, personal trainer Patrick shows you three effective practices:


 The Role Of Diet in Building Muscle

Many experts even claim that 70% of success depends on diet and only 30% on training.  In concrete terms, this means that sufficient calories must be consumed.  Many women do not eat enough: To build muscle effectively, you need a small excess of calories.

Even more protein-rich foods that support muscle building in the gallery:

Protein Foods: The Best Sources of Protein

Don’t be afraid of gaining weight


Building Muscle And The Role Of Hormones

The female sex hormone estrogen is involved in building muscle.  Studies show that the hormone, which is particularly active around ovulation, promotes the build-up of protein and has a positive influence on muscle building.  So if you want to start with muscle-building training, ideally begin in the second phase of the cycle.  So right after your period – at this time, you are incredibly efficient and full of energy.

By the way: women who take birth control pills find it more challenging to build muscle.  The synthetic hormones are to blame.  A US study found that women who do not use hormonal contraception can gain 60% more muscle mass at the same time.  Besides, the pill inhibits the absorption of nutrients.


 Tips For Building Muscle

Don’t train haphazardly – beginners get help with creating a training plan that is adjusted after a few weeks to stimulate new muscles continually.

Train until your muscles get tired – don’t be afraid of heavyweights!

Don’t skip regeneration days; breaks are just as crucial as training so that the muscles can grow effectively.

Eat enough: to build muscle; you need a small excess of calories. Consume enough protein – around 1.5-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day are ideal for building muscle—a large serving, ideally 30 minutes after training.

Alcohol is poison for building muscle – ideally, you do without it entirely.

Put on exercises that target large muscle groups (squats, planks, push-ups, etc.)

Strictly observe pauses in sentences – do not pause too long (45-90 seconds)